Special Events

IEEE Summer Topicals offers a range of workshops, social networking and mentorship programs designed for both student and senior professionals. Such programs have been designed to provide an interactive learning environment for conference registrants.


To kick the IEEE Summer Topicals Conference off, join us for an evening social and networking event on Sunday from 6:30PM-8:30PM. Conference attendees, local IEEE members and collaborative partners are all encouraged to attend.

Sign up when registering for the conference.


This program is designed to help students expand their professional networks while at the conference, gain personalized career insights, and receive guidance from senior professionals in photonics. Attendees can sign up to be either a mentor or mentee for the conference while registering.

Mentor Matches will be paired by technical interests and the matches will be communicated to attendees by IEEE staff before the conference start. Mentors and mentees will then be encouraged to connect, i.e. by email or call, prior to the conference, in order to establish plans to meet-up and connect at SUM 2019. Meet-up plans are up to the pairs’ discretion.

There will also be a Mentor Match Meet-up in the IEEE Member Lounge Monday. Further details will be given to those that sign-up!


Peer review is a process in which a scientific paper is evaluated by a group of experts in the same field to make sure it meets the necessary standards for acceptance and publication. Reviewers help authors hone key points, identify and resolve errors, and generate new ideas. The IEEE requires peer review for all conference papers before publication.

At this luncheon, attendees will have the opportunity to network with top reviewers and learn best practices in the peer review process, i.e. Scope, Validity, Data Analysis, Compliance, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer or would like to better hone your skills, this is the luncheon for you!


Date: Monday
Time: 10:00AM-4:00PM

To celebrate our members, IEEE and IEEE Photonics Society members attending the IEEE Summer Topicals Conference are welcome to visit the IEEE members-only lounge to sit down, relax, grab a snack and connect to the internet. While in the lounge acquire info on volunteer opportunities, chapter activities and Society programs, such Women in Photonics, Young Professionals, STEM Outreach, etc. Not a member? Learn more about how you can join the IEEE and/or the IEEE Photonics by stopping by the lounge.


RSVP for event via conference registration.

Have you ever wanted to automate your lab, get better/quicker at processing your data, make beautiful plots and figures and at the same time meet a bunch of cool scientists? Well, you are in luck! The Lab Automation Hackathon will have 8 demos for various common lab automation tasks, ranging from simple remote control of optical instrumentation, data processing and photonic design simulations, all the way to full lab automation. Students and professionals of all levels are welcome to learn and share their secret tips and tricks developed over the years.

In this hackathon, there will be stations/demos, each staffed with a researcher experienced in lab automation. The topics covered will be:

Installing python on your computer (beginners); Introduction to the Python programming language (beginners); Python programming environment and web based tools (beginners); Plots and graphics in Python (beginners); Instrumentation control in Python; Remote control and coordination of multiple computer for lab automation (advanced); Data processing on multicore and GPU based systems (advanced); Python software for photonic design

Bring a laptop to participate in the exercise.