Plenary Speakers

Integrated Mid-Infrared Photonics (IMP)

Nils von den Driesch, FZ Jülich, Germany, “(Si)GeSn-based light sources – Challenges and Chances”
John Kouvetakis, Arizona State University, AZ, USA, “Si-Ge-Sn semiconductors and related (Si,Ge)5-2y(III-V)y systems”
Fisher (S.) Yu, University of Arkansas, AR, USA, “Development of SiGeSn Technique towards Integrated Mid-Infrared Photonics Applications”

Machine Learning-Assisted Software-Defined Optical Networks (MLSDN)

David Plant, McGill University, Canada, “Intelligent Physical Layer Designs for Software-Defined Optical Networks”
Anurag Sharma, Google, USA, “Applications of Machine Learning in Network Design, Optimization and Analysis”

Non-Hermitian and Topological Photonics (NTP)

Demetrios Christodoulides, CREOL, University of Central Florida, USA, “Parity-Time and other Symmetries in Optics and Photonics”
Moti Segev, Technion, Israel, “Topological Insulator Lasers”

Quantum Optical Phenomena in Optoelectronics (QOPO)

Marlan Scully, Texas A&M University, USA, “ENTROPY INSIGHTS: from Lasers and Bose Condensates to Acceleration Radiation and Black Hole Emission”